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I'm Megan and I am a wedding + elopement videographer living in Charleston, SC while serving clients coast to coast. I am so blessed to get to wake up every single day and do what I love - so thank you for being here. 

I found my passion for videography in college, where I spent the latter half of my college experience giving 110% to building up my brand - I was primarily shooting concerts and small marketing videos and soon discovered my love for capturing weddings. I rebranded myself to Saltrock Studios right before I graduated, and I haven't looked back.

I am truly so passionate about what I do, and am constantly exploring new ways to push my creativity - but when I'm not behind the camera you can find me at the beach, going to a hot yoga class, or having a wine + charcuterie board night. 

     My mission is to create a film that tells your unique story, and displays the love that you have for one another. I want you to be able to relive those same feelings that you had the day you committed your lives to each other every time you watch it. I want your children, and even grandchildren, to be able to watch it and understand the love story their parents and grandparents created. This is more than just a video of your wedding - this is a film that will freeze this day in time and let you relive it over and over again. 


giving back

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Filter of Hope as their Media Ambassador over the past year. I create video content, as well as travel with them to capture content on the trips. 

I put together a Social Justice Dance Project video in August of 2020 to raise awareness for certain social issues that are happning in the world. It ended up being recognized by local new stations. 

"We will treasure this forever and continue to watch it on repeat so we can relive the best day of our lives. She truly captured each moment so perfectly and put it together in such a beautiful way. We can't thank her enough for the amazing job she did."

- Brittany Lawler



so great

"Megan's flexibility was incredible. She was able to change locations at the last minute and still created a masterpiece of a wedding video! High quality video, and very fair pricing. The video meant so much more to us than we thought it would - cannot recommend Saltrock Studios enough!

- Caisey Hutto



"Megan was so sweet and professional. She came prepared and ready for a full day of shooting. The footage she took and created is absolutely beautiful and if I had to do it all over again i'd still chose her. You can't go wrong with Saltrock Studios!"

-Emma Settle





She was super helpful and amazing to work with. I cannot get over how amazing the outcome was for our wedding video. It was everything we wanted and then some! I highly recommend
Saltrock Studios"

-Virginia Lewis